Arge car tunnel Kriegsstraße

Arge car tunnel Kriegsstraße

ZÜBLINIn a joint venture with Schleith GmbH, the STRABAG subsidiary Züblin is in charge of the construction of the new car tunnel “Kriegsstraße” in Karlsruhe. Between 2017 and 2021, a two-lane tunnel with a length of more than 1.6 km will be constructed, which will allow cars to pass through underground and thus reduce the immense volume of city traffic. From 2017 to summer 2019, the SÜLZLE Nutzeisen team supplied more than 2,500 specially manufactured anchor pots for this purpose, which, together with the strand anchors, serve to back anchor the excavation pit. These anchor pots consist of a 40 mm thick base plate with a drill hole inclined exactly to the customer’s requirements and a welded, two-dimensionally cut pipe.

Zahlen und Fakten zum Projekt:

1,6 km

Length of tunnel


specially manufactured anchor pots

Location of the reference project “Arge car tunnel Kriegsstraße”

Tunnel Kriegsstraße

76133 Karlsruhe

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