Future-oriented investment

30. Mai 2018

New portal crane expands capacity

The investment measure at SÜLZLE Nutzeisen has been successfully completed with the purchase of a new gantry crane. In May 2018, the new gantry crane was assembled by crane construction specialist Van Haagen Kraanbouw over several days with two mobile cranes at the Sulz-Bergfelden site. But it was not only the erection that was in the hands of the Dutch crane supplier’s employees. They also designed the crane and will be responsible for annual technical monitoring in future.

With a span of 28 metres, the heavy-duty crane is designed for a maximum load capacity of 2 x 4 tons. SÜLZLE Nutzeisen now has a total of four operational gantry cranes. In addition, the company has invested in a magnetic traverse. This innovative lifting technology increases productivity and ensures faster and safer loading and unloading.