Long-distance train connection Suttgart 21

Steel beams for shoring and waling


After a construction period of almost six years, the excavation of the Bad Cannstatt tunnel was completed in February 2020. As part of Stuttgart 21, the tunnel, which was built mainly by mining, will connect the main station with the new Neckar Bridge in Bad Cannstatt, which will shape the cityscape. The new railroad bridge for trains and suburban trains is suspended from three rows of steel sails and runs as a narrow band across the Neckar. In the future, pedestrians and cyclists will also be able to cross the river on a footbridge under the bridge. In addition to the long-distance rail connection, the Stuttgart S-Bahn will also be given a new route. In March 2020, SÜLZLE Nutzeisen supplied S21 steel girders in the form of various HEB girders and sheet metal blanks for shoring and waling on behalf of ARGE Tunnel Cannstatt.