SÜLZLE Nutzeisen supplies steel for railway bridge


At Mühlhaus im Täle a spectacular building is being constructed. With a length of 485 metres and a maximum span of around 70 metres, the third-highest railway bridge in Germany stretches across the Filstal on the Drackensteiner Hang.
The overpass consists of two single-track bridges, which are located between the two tunnel tubes of the Boßler Tunnel and the Steinbühltunnel. When viewed as a whole, it becomes apparent that the prestressed concrete hollow box construction connects the two tunnels by a sophisticated architecture. As part of the new high-speed line between Wendlingen and Ulm, the bridge has to be built in such a way that an ICE train can rush over this section of the line at about 250 km/h, which requires a special degree of stability.
SÜLZLE Nutzeisen has already been supplying the construction project with various steel elements on a regular basis for three years. Since November 2017, approx. 468 tons of steel from Sulz a.N. reached the construction site. Several years will pass until the completion of the project, during which time SÜLZLE Nutzeisen will be glad to reliably support the ARGE EÜ Filstal, formed by the companies PORR and Max Bögl, as a partner.