Flood protection line against Elbe flood

Flood protection line against Elbe flood

Elbe flood protection is a high priority for the neighboring communities. SÜLZLE Nutzeisen was involved in the construction of a flood protection line south of the Müglitzmündung in Heidenau near Dresden, planned to be completed by the end of 2017. The sheet pile wall, some of which are more than four meters high, is to protect Heidenau-Süd from a centennial flood. The industrial plants near the Elbe river and numerous residential buildings will be sufficiently secured over a length of 1.74 km after completion of the flood wall. SÜLZLE Nutzeisen supplied this construction project in cooperation with Echterhoff Bau GmbH from Dessau. In June 2017 about 800 running meters and about 30 tons of material were provided for this purpose. The sheet piling cover profiles made of sheet steel were first bent and then coated with a wet paint system to a total layer thickness of 500 μm.

Facts and figures about the project:

800 running meters


30 t


500 μm

total layer thickness

Location of the reference project:


1890 Heidenau

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