Steel beam for temporary bridge for Stuttgart 21

Steel beam for temporary bridge for Stuttgart 21

As part of the major project “Stuttgart 21”, the Stuttgart city rail station “Staatsgalerie” will be newly built next to the existing stop. In the future, the tracks for long-distance trains will lead to the new central station where the stop is still located today. A relocation was therefore necessary. In addition, the new stop will be barrier-free and have daylight. To enable the relocation of the “Staatsgalerie” light rail station, a temporary bridge was built. SÜLZLE Nutzeisen delivered for this purpose on behalf of Ed. Züblin AG from August to September 2017 about 95 tons of steel girders and sheet metal cuttings ready for assembly to the construction site. After completion of the steel construction work, a concrete slab was placed on the gallows of the bridge for driving on. After completion of the temporary measures of the temporary bridge the material will be dismantled and transported to the SÜLZLE Nutzisen warehouse. If construction material is only needed temporarily, as in follow-up projects for “Stuttgart 21”, SÜLZLE Nutzeisen is the ideal partner for the construction industry due to the economic solution.

Facts and figures about the project:

95 t

of steel girders and sheet metal cuttings

Location of the reference project ” Temporary bridge for Stuttgart 21″:

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

70173 Stuttgart

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