We make your project our project.

As a modern steel distributor, it is our primary goal to meet your requirements. This is why we offer construction companies maximum flexibility and quality: you can optionally rent or purchase new, used and declassified steel for special heavy construction, civil engineering and bridge construction, as well as temporary cofferdam support systems, or agree on a buy-back option. Thanks to our large stock, you benefit from flexible, quick delivery, and, if necessary, we can also prepare the products to be ready-to-fit. To a good partnership!

Examples of our custom, tailor-made proven products include:
– Double channel soldier piles with pre-welded anchor bearing
– Built-in elements of any size with welded-on reinforcing steel including anticorrosive coating
– Individual, machine- or hand-made bored pile reinforcement cages
– Driving and supporting beams with threaded coupler connections
– Steel tubes with steel wall connectors for combination wall systems
– Supplementary pre-fabrication for the manufacturing of ready-to-install steel material