Ready-to-assemble complete service for Saale valley crossing

Innovative pillar head scaffolding


STRABAG AG is pressing ahead with the important project to cross the Saale valley at Stendorf near Bad Kösen. A central step in this construction project is the pier head scaffolding, which ensures the safety of the workers and facilitates future maintenance.

The pier head scaffolding from SÜLZLE Nutzeisen for the Stendorf Saale Valley Crossing shows how efficient cooperation and high-quality materials make a challenging infrastructure project possible.
The bridge will not only improve mobility in the region, but will also relieve the spa town of Bad Kösen from through traffic on the B87 in the future.

For this project, pre-assembled work platforms and mounting brackets with corrosion protection were required. The processing and pre-assembly were carried out by companies within the SÜLZLE Group. The SÜLZLE Stahlpartner branch from Dessau-Rosslau also delivered around 3,500 tons of reinforcing steel for the bridge to ensure its structural integrity.

The steel beams and angle steel were professionally sawn, drilled, welded and coated. In total, around 55 tons of material were processed, including 24 work platforms and 48 fastening brackets. This partner project spanned from November 2022 to January 2023 and made a significant contribution to the successful progress of the entire bridge construction.

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